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“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart." — Pablo Neruda





This package is for the couple who want every aspect of their wedding planned and coordinated professionally.

Features unlimited access to Lisa and her team via email, text, and phone. Conversations, and every detail about your wedding, are tracked using our internal software. The full-service wedding planning and coordination package is ideal for couples who want a very specific look and feel to their wedding. It's also ideal for the couple who have multi-day engagements or more complex wedding agendas.

Starting at $9500

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A package designed for couples who've already made a few decisions, but are now looking for more professional guidance in completing the planning and fully coordinate their wedding.

Most couples will opt for the partial wedding planning package if they've already started the planning process and have booked a few, or all of their vendors. At some point, these couples will contact Lisa to help them complete the wedding of their dreams.

Starting at $7500

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A package designed for the couple who need design consultation and set-up, but are willing to book and coordinate all the details.

A great option for those who can manage to book and follow-up with their venue and vendors, and coordinate a timeline on the day of the wedding. However, they may need help pulling the final picture together. These couples usually seek Lisa's signature service for setting-up that unforgettable tablescape and atmosphere before the party begins.

Starting at $4500

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